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Our Process

At HPG Wealthcare Advisors, LLC, we value the individual needs of all of our clients and work with them in a step-by-step process to help them achieve their financial goals for the future.

  • Introduction: The first meeting provides clients the opportunity to learn about our firm, our processes and our philosophies.

  • Information gathering: The discovery process helps us learn more about the client’s current situation so we can accurately assess and address present and ongoing needs.

  • Strategy development: We will take the needs identified during the discovery meeting and design a customized and tax-sensitive strategy to address all needs within a client’s financial life.

  • Implementation: We then put the strategy to work by implementing a comprehensive set of solutions that aligns with solving the client’s goals.

  • Monitoring: On a regularly occurring schedule, we will monitor and sometimes adapt the individual strategy to keep up with the plan as life changes.

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